Blade style 138, Fossil Walrus Ivory 
Eskimo Artifact

Alaskan fossil walrus tusk ivory has become
one  of  the  rarest  of  ivories.   Buried  for
approximately 100 to 3000 years, the ancient
tusks  and  artifacts  were  excavated  from
privately  owned  land  in  old  village  sites
located on St. Lawrence Island. Only a small
amount could be harvested each year as the
perma  frost  thawed  back  in the summers.
Finally,  the  supply  came to an end.  Prices
have risen dramatically.

The originally white ivory, buried for centu-
ries,  took  on  the  colors of whatever it was
buried in, making fossilized walrus not only
unique in beauty,  but is also a very durable
and stable handle material.

I always keep each piece intact as an artifact
and  work  with  it  in  its  natural  shape.  A
blade  size  and style is chosen to go symmet-
rically  with the individual size and shape of
each artifact for the beauty  and  balance of
each knife.

These are truly one-of-a-kind works of art.


Item #

Blade Length

Total Length

Steel Type

Rockwell Hardness

Blade Finish



Handle Material



5 1/2"

10 5/8"



Hand Rubbed Satin


Stainless Steel

Fossil Walrus Ivory,
Eskimo Artifact, Koa

$895. SOLD 


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